Nemia's Discoveries: Getting to Know a Card Better—Multi Decks

Nemia is a poster on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum and she recently received her Deck of 1000 Spreads. But even before it arrived, she had grand ideas of what to use it for. Unless otherwise indicated, the following are Nemia's words and photos. In this exercise, she takes The Star card from multiple decks and puts them all atop a Deck of 1000 Spreads card, one by one to learn what each different Star card has to say. 

Getting to know a card better – with many decks

I put the Star card from six of my favorite and most-used decks together under the YOU card from the Do100S.

Every deck speaks a different language. After a reading, I sometimes repeat the reading or an important part of it in another deck with the same layout. Different decks give a new perspective. Adding a position card from the Do1000S to it sharpens the message. It's not only the different aspects of the Star – they're all related to the question: what does it mean when the Star appears on the Advice position? Which advice does every deck give you, in addition to the general meaning?

Cherish the light in your hands and recognizing that it's connected to the Star above you (Light and Shadow), relax in gentle repose and distance to the bustling world in a moment of harmony (Renaissance), keep your eyes on the lodestar and enjoy its beauty (Wild Unknown), let your emotions come to the surface under the gentle light of a star of hope (Shadowscapes), believe in wishing wells and feeling protected (Inner Child), and keep faith to your destiny, humbly but stubbornly (Saints).

I discovered so many layers of meaning…