Nemia's Discoveries: Getting to Know a Position Better

Nemia is a poster on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum and she recently received her Deck of 1000 Spreads. But even before it arrived, she had grand ideas of what to use it for. Unless otherwise indicated, the following are Nemia's words and photos. In this exercise, she uses one Deck of 1000 Spreads card—You—and reads multiple cards in that position to get a better grasp on the position. 

Getting to know a position better

I chose the YOU position which I find challenging. The books and my intuition say that there is something of me inside every card. So let's take out the Wild Unknown deck and check whether that's really true.

Can I recognize myself in every card? Where is my inner Star, my inner Emperor? Where do I act, feel or appear like the Star, like the Emperor?

From Tierney: The way the Yellow/Orange in The Star and The Emperor seem to pop on the orange card prompts me to direct you to also read about color assignations here and here. Now back to Nemia...

I can expand the question of what makes up me by adding cards above and below for conscious motivations or aims and for unconscious motivations or desires. All these are part of me.

I can also expand it by adding a card for the past Me and the future Me. How am I evolving in time, over time?

The spread speaks to me. The YOU card from the Do1000S pulls the whole layout together and structures it.