New Life for a COTD

So, last week I posted a review of the Deck of 1000 Spreads where someone mentioned the sort of superfluousness of the Card of the Day card in my deck. And, frankly, I kinda agreed. See, I know a lot of really detail-oriented people and I figured they'd like a Card of the Day card...for their altar or to direct the energies or whatever. And you can't really have a deck of "the most common positions" (which is what I was going for) without a COTD. So that's why I did it. I'm not ashamed. I can be just as anal as the next guy! :)

But this discussion of the COTD got people talking on and both FallynRaiyn and Ladyoflosttimes said they use it in their spreads to represent "today" or "now"—how the reading/topic/issue affects the day ahead or what you should do about the issue today—whatever you need to get out of it TODAY!

Woo hoo! My COTD has relevance beside being a marker for someone's COTD draw! It had never occurred to me to use that position like that, but it makes perfect sense. So the next time you see your green COTD card, give it its props!