A Tale of Storytelling from the Tarot Guild of Australia!

The Tarot Guild of Australia is the big-deal tarot association in Australia. And guess what? They like my Deck of 1000 Spreads!

Annie, a member of the guild, has reviewed my deck in their publication The Magician. It's put out three times a year and each edition is themed around a tarot card or suit. 

Anyway, Annie recently wrote me to tell me my deck was featured in one of the magazine's regular features The Tale That Must Be Told. Each edition they pose a challenge to readers to write a story according to some specific guidelines. For example, the current one, The Winter Tale That Must Be Told (it's nearly winter in Australia right now), tells the writers who their main characters have to be, a list of words that have to appear in the story, a couple of lines of dialogue that have to be in the story and.....

Spread being used by the Tarot Guild of Australia.
A three-card spread from the Deck of 1000 Spreads—Problem-Surprise-Lesson—that has to be used as the basis of the storyline. Hooray!

As you probably already know, the whole color-coding and structure behind the Deck of 1000 Spreads is designed around the story theme. I even wrote in the book that you could use the cards as a tool for writing. But this is the first instance I've seen or heard of where anyone has ever done that. AND it's an entire freaking continent full of tarotists doing it! Haha. 

You can find both the review of my deck and the Winter Tale That Must Be Told challenge in the Autumn edition of The Magician, available through the Tarot Guild of Australia. The guild accepts members from around the world. (And my personal experience through the sales of both my Deck of 1000 Spreads and my Deck of Lenormand Houses is that Australian cartomancers are progressive and like to try new things. I've never done an actual study, but when it comes to my Deck of Lenormand Houses, Australians seem to buy them roughly as frequently as Americans and there are a whole lot more of us.)