Proof of an Astrological Spread

One of the things I really debated when I was creating all the spread positions for this deck is what to do about the astrological spread. It's a popular spread. Part of me said "it's right up there with The Star or Horseshoe spreads." And another part of me said "you don't just whip out an astrological spread for everyday's something you do at New Years."

And so I debated. I figured if I added it to the mix, then I may as well add all the months of the year and all the zodiac signs, too. And the chakras. And a whole bunch of other crap, as well. Then that's a lot to weed through. I think one of the nice things about the Deck of 1000 Spreads is how quickly you can find the positions you want to use with its current 57 card structure. 

Double the number of cards and you've doubled (or more) how hard it is to find one card in the haystack of, say, 100-card deck. Even if they're color coded. I figured if there were ever a completer deck, we could do it then. By then, most users would be used to their decks, so it wouldn't be such a big deal. But, for now, simplicity should reign and we should keep it just to those kinds of spread positions you're bound to use every day. And I do think I was right about that. Though I'm sure many of you would be happy to create spreads that include a couple of astrology houses and a zodiac sign or two, mixed in with all the usual spread positions, with twice as many cards and probably more colors, it would be counter to whole "simple spreadcrafting system" I was going for. 

So all of that long-winded explanation was to say that DrZei Tarot Card from England (and Facebook) wanted an astrological spread. And by gum, he/she made one! Acknowledging that there are different systems and different ways of laying one out, the picture on this page shows DrZei's way. And it's proof that you can make one on your own using your choice of cards, too. 

The picture is a little fuzzy, but I see DrZei has created a house of fears and secrets, a house of career, one of friends and family, etc. Like DrZei said, there are many different systems and this spread may not follow yours, but you CAN create a house spread with the Deck of 1000 Spreads. And keep in mind you have your blank cards to work with, too. 

It's like bumping into Sasquatch at the Quickie Mart—you never thought you'd see it, but now that you have, everything changes! How cool is that?!