The Spread of Many Topics

One of the things that makes the Deck of 1000 Spreads so neat is how easy it is to tailor a spread to any situation. Take, for example, this spread. I created it by choosing a few cards at random from my deck. I didn't like one of the cards I chose, so I put it back in the deck. Then I sorted through the other cards to find ones that might be interesting with the core ones I had already chosen. There are no rules here, so any method you use to create a spread is recommended by the Deck's creator. :D

Change up the spread above by switching the green card out for one of these.
Anywho, once you have the spread in place—in this case a general spread exploring a current issue in the querent's life—feel free to switch out the green card for any other green card in your deck. Use the Romance card and viola! Now it's a spread you might use to explore a relationship and the role it's playing in your life. Use the Career card and it's a spread you might use to contemplate a job change. 

While this example illustrates trading a green card for a green card, you could also, trade that green card for the orange Friends and Family card to explore a relationship with a friend and the influences they have on you. OR you could change out the Positive and Negative Influences cards for the Conscious and Unconscious Desires card for a different take on the original spread. 

So when you're doing your spreads, take a pic to record that spread for posterity. Then also consider how you could use the same spread, but change out a card or two to create a completely different spread using the same foundation.