How to Use the Deck to Describe a Person

Bridgett Bassett Trejo recently wrote me with a great use for the Deck of 1000 Spreads—using it to describe a person. Say you've just met a possible new love interest and are anxious to learn more about them. Sift through your Deck of 1000 Spreads and pull out cards relating to what you want to know.

I found that most of what you'll want to know will come from your Blue, Green and Orange cards.

Want to know about him in general? Use the Significator card.
How does he treat his mom? Use Friends and Family
What does he think of you? Use the You card
How will he help you grow? Use the Positive Influences card
What are his faults? Use the Cons card
How does he approach money? Use the Finances card

I've taken a pic of the cards I think might give you the best information, but you might think of others. I think it's a fabulous and fun use of the cards. You can practice by doing a reading of someone you know pretty well to see how the cards communicate in that way!