Advanced Technique: Creating Custom Spread Positions

What success to avoid? Avoid successfully isolating
yourself from society. Community DOES matter. 

OK, so Lee Bursten BLEW MY MIND today with the following technique. Lee is the creator of the Gay TarotZodiac Tarot and Universal TdM. He inspired this other advanced technique that was already in the infant stage of developing in my head. But this next idea is something I NEVER saw coming! Here it is in his own words....

"Here's another idea (unless you've already had this idea) -- combine the cards! You can combine two spread position cards to form one position. Not all the cards are good candidates, but you could, for example, combine Success and What to Avoid, which would give you What Success to Avoid. You could lay out both cards right next to each other, then put a tarot card down on the crack in between them. Or, you could lay out two tarot cards for that position, making a four-card constellation that could give you a quite detailed and in-depth interpretation, with just one spread position! 
You could also pile the spread cards
on top of each other to create your
new position. What advice to take
from a past partner? Trust your intuition
and maintain your balance!

Other examples:
  • What to Leave in the Past/What You Can Change: Perhaps you've been to willing to change yourself for others. This position will show you what specific areas of yourself you should not consider changing in the future.
  • Advice/Partner: What specific advice from your partner that you should pay special attention to.
  • Or you can really go nuts and do three-card positions: Advice/Partner/What to Take from the Past: What past advice from your partner you should listen to now, which you ignored then."

Is that frickin' brilliant or what?! He's creating entirely new spread positions by combining two or more positions together! Of course this is something that could have always been done before, but I've never seen it. Ever. The visual and tactile system of the Deck of 1000 Spreads is inspiring that kind of new thought and it's so exciting! If you have anything like this to share, please email me. And send me your cool spreads, too!

Examples shown with the Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert Place.