Combining Lenormand with Your Deck

I haven't added to this site in a while, partly because I've been busy and partly because things have been quiet in Deck of 1000 Spreads land. Seems like everyone is happily using their decks and nothing new has come to my attention. 

BUT there I was discussing Lenormand with a Facebook friend and she told me that she uses the Deck of 1000 Spreads in her daily Lenormand draws. She chooses a spread card at random or from the green Topic cards, then does her three-card draw for the day. So she lets the spread card decide the area of her life that needs focus that day and the Lenormand cards give her a bit of information why. 

Lenormand cards are most frequently read in pairs or in a sentence. Each card has a key word. Your main card (which you might choose to put at the beginning or in the middle of a three card draw like this) is the noun. And the other cards are adjectives and verbs...however the sentence pans out. So they're more verbal than visual, as tarot cards are. And they ask less of your intuition. They are what they are. Your intuition comes into play when you choose which keywords to string together, but not in any visual aspect of the reading. So for the pictured reading:

Key=Solutions, answers, destiny and an actual key. 
Clouds=Confusion, obfuscation, hidden things and actual clouds. 
House=Family, property and your actual house. 

Stringing that together in the Immediate Future position, I came up with, "In the Immediate Future, your Destiny is Dark Clouds over your House." Depending on the reader and the situation, it could just as easily have been that you'll have a hard time finding your keys in your house in the immediate future. Or the immediate answer is to hide in your house. Like with tarot, you go with what comes to you first. And because Lenormand can sometimes be quite literal, for me it was warning of an impending thunderstorm. You can read the rest of the blog post here to see how this combo spoke to me. 

If you're interested in Lenormand, I have just completed a deck of Lenormand Cards, complete with keywords to make learning Lenormand easy. I'm not qualified to write instructions to teach you how to use it, but there is a great group on Facebook called the Lenormand Cards Study Group that will help you and tons of resources on youtube and on blogs to tell you how it's done. That's how I'm learning. Anywho, my deck will be available for purchase later this week (fingers crossed) and I'll make a post when it's available. Below are samples from the deck. 

Keep in mind that you can use your Deck of 1000 Spreads with pretty much any divination method—oracles, runes and even medium readings. It's not just for tarot. :)