A Tip for Those Distracted by the Words on the Cards

So far I've been incredibly blessed with the feedback and reviews I've gotten for the Deck of 1000 Spreads. But let's face it, no single product can be all things to all people. 

One thing that I've heard a couple of times is that some people are distracted by the words on the cards...like "Situation" and "What to Avoid". Some people who love the idea of the deck, would nonetheless rather do without the words poking out above. 

Spread with distracting titles.

Carla from Aeclectic. net wrote a blog post pointing this out. But rather than jus point it out, she came up with a really clever solution. 

Here's a spread she created and laid out the way it shows in the guide book...

Distraction gone. Featured: The Cosmic Tarot

...And here's Carla's solution. When she finds the words distracting, she simply moves her tarot card up a little to obscure the print. So when she's reading and wants to remember the position, she slides the card down to see the title. Then slides it back up so it won't distract her while reading.

But that's not all!

Carla's also unsure about all the different card colors. When I was creating the Deck of 1000 Spreads, I had my tarot students in mind. Some of them don't even own their own tarot decks, much less know what a spread is. So I wanted to create an easy visual system for a beginning spreadcrafter to easily create spreads. When you read the book, you can see how this can come in handy for a beginner when re-tooling spreads they find in books. Besides, once you're familiar with your deck having the different colors makes it so much easier to find certain cards, because  you know you're looking for a green one, for example. So that's why there's colors. And I don't regret that all. But some people find the colors a hindrance. 

But now, thanks to Carla the colors don't have to distract you either, because she's found a solution! It's a little hard to see in this picture, but what she's done is she's turned her spread cards OVER. So all those lovely Cosmic Tarot cards ARE sitting on top of a spread, but it's the spread card's back. And when she wants to be reminded of a position?....

...Carla simply turns the spread card over to remind herself. No word distractions. No color distractions. And she still gets all the benefits of creating a new spread for every reading with the Deck of 1000 Spreads. Hooray!

All images and ideas for this post are taken from Carla, aka Rowan Tarot. To read her full review, click anywhere on this sentence.