Inner Journey Spread

Here's a spread from Denise W. She used this spread to answer the question, "How Can I Become Fully Aware?", but you can use this spread for all sorts of things. It does look really good for exploring your inner landscape. She uses the Deck of 1000 Spreads with a trimmed Osho Zen. Her commentary is below: 

"This was such a powerful reading for me... (5 major arcana in an 8 card spread)

Seems my becoming fully aware lies somewhere between letting go of hoarding my true self (4 of Pentacles) and past conditioning (the Devil aka limiting beliefs). My success lies in happy innocence (Sun) my spirit is full of energy (Ace of Wands) and my goal should be to experience everything I can first hand (3 of Wands) cause it's true... you don't know what you are capable of until you try.

What I should use in the the future is my inner voice (High Priestess) This one is so hard sometimes because there are so many other voices that just want to drowned her out... and the Advice card is No-Thingness (Hierophant) which is one of the most wonderful cards in this deck because it says to me... act, move, live from a place of no labels, no judgment, no past and no future... just be in the moment..."