Nikki's Awesome Relationship Spread

Nikki was a student at my first-ever Deck of 1000 Spreads workshop. One of the workshop tasks was to create a spread for a friend who was having trouble at work with a co-worker. But here's the beauty of the spread she created...if your issue is with a lover, replace the Co-worker card with a Partner card. If it's with a family member, replace it with your Friends and Family card. The spread works beautifully for any dynamic!

This spread also beautifully illustrates a branching technique I talk about in the book, How to Use Your Deck of 1000 Spreads. You can explore the same issues across a number of topics just by leaving blank spaces next to the second topic. So once your spread is laid out, you'll place tarot cards in the blank spots next to the Co-Worker card to read the same positions as you read above in You row. Does that make sense? This is a 12-card spread. 

Here are the 12 positions, read left to right from photo above:

  1. Past—Gives context to the evolution of the dynamic
  2. Situation—Shows where the dynamic is presently
  3. Heart of the Situation—Shows what's really at the root of the matter
  4. You—This is the energy the querent brings to the situation
  5. Attitudes and Thoughts—Explores the querents attitudes in regard to the dynamic
  6. What You Can Change—Give a suggestion for how the querent can change
  7. What To Know—Gives the querent further insight into the situation
  8. Co-Workers—This is the energy the coworker brings to the situation
  9. Attitudes and Thoughts (blank spot)—Explores the coworker's attitudes in regard to the dynamic
  10. What You Can Change (blank spot)—Give a suggestion for how the coworker can change
  11. What To Know (blank spot)—Gives the querent further insight into the coworker
  12. Advice—A final piece of advice to take away