Fun Tips for Teachers

Diane from PA gave me a great suggestion for my first-ever workshop using the Deck of 1000 Spreads. She said I should place a spread card from the deck at each student's seat. As they arrived, I told them not to peek. Then when it came time for us to introduce ourselves, each student turned their spread card over, chose a tarot card and read the two together by means of introducing themselves.

This can get kind of personal, but for me, it sets the tone. Any tarot class is going to get personal pretty fast as we do readings for each other.

Other than that, though, using the Deck of 1000 Spreads right up front like that in a tarot class drives the message home—it's not just about the tarot cards. It's about the position you draw them in in a spread. It's about the interpretation you place on that pair. And, in a reading, it's also about the question.  These four aspects—card meaning, spread position, question and interpretation—work together to make a reading and that knowledge is key to any tarot class. This approach illustrates that right off the bat.